Zeta Farmaceutici Group?

Tailored in-house development.
To develop your business.

We work alongside you to develop your ideas and turn them into a successful business.
We do this by putting at your disposal a complete evolved range of services, each time moulded to suit your market strategies, your timeframes and your resources.

Research, formulas, regulatory, marketing, production, packaging: in our production plants we develop the entire supply chain with equal efficiency and quality. Depending on your project and requirements, we can activate all or just some of our services. Our commitment is however just one: achievement of scientific and production excellence. And maximum satisfaction for our clients.

Ideas, people, solutions: all the advantages of Zeta Farmaceutici Group

  • Trouble shooters We offer not only serious, strict, reliable procedures. But also the experience and professionalism of a team of people ready to dialogue with you to solve all your requirements in terms of timeframe, production and technologies. And they never say no.
  • A fast, agile, streamlined organisation Able to flexibly adjust to your market goals and your organisation, respecting deadlines and deliveries.
  • Controlled timeframes From formulation to delivery with absolutely competitive lead times, which allow you more effective programming of your time to market.
  • Customised quantity production Against standard quantities, production that respects your effective needs. Even for small quantities.
  • All the production-related forms and technologies In our production plants we make more than 1000 types of different products. An experience and a versatile, transversal organisation, to satisfy any requirement for formula and technology.
    Products designed to satisfy consumers We are very familiar with the market. We know what consumers request: not only the inherent quality of the product, but also its perceived quality. The feel-good factor, the fragrance of a cream or the flavour of a dietary supplement are increasingly important values for your clients. With our global consultancy, we help you to create a product in line with the most evolved of market trends.
  • Formulas, packaging, bottles, dossiers, claims:
    one contact, many more advantages
    All the contract supply chain in just one contact partner. Greater reliability and guarantees for the supply chain. Greater control of management, resources and timeframes. Better economies of scale.
    We are like you. Yet another reason to trust us. Just like you, we sell our own brands on the market: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and dietary supplements. Yet another guarantee of quality for you. Because we transfer into your products all the knowhow and care that we reserve for our own.

Welcome to our production units