Who we are

Contract, partnership 

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biocides, dietary supplements, cosmetics. Zeta Farmaceutici Group: global-service contract manufacturing. For us, contract business does not mean just providing organisation, technologies and services. It primarily means creating partnerships. We share our clients’ objectives, studying their projects with them and developing them together. Before even considering the product, we start with an encounter of people and ideas. We listen and further our awareness of the various requirements, putting forward new proposals. We have a very concrete business value: a tenacious creative inclination for problem solving. Only in this way can each of our projects meet your expectations and your goals. Helping you to grow. Developing your business.

Experience, solidity

Different specialisations, a huge amount of shared experience. We started out in 1947 as a pharmaceutical laboratory and over the years we have grown, our focus on innovation, market awareness and production flexibility. Today we are a well-established pharmaceutical group, in which each company cultivates and develops its own business.
Zeta Farmaceutici: divided into two divisions, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It formulates, develops and produces medicines, medical devices and cosmetics under the brand name EuPhidra. 

Marco Viti Farmaceutici: it produces pharmaceuticals, biocides, dietary supplements and medical devices.

Idea Natura: specialists in dietary supplements, especially probiotics.

Quality, certifications

Zeta Farmaceutici Group is one of the few Italian pharmaceutical companies that are still manufacturers. A solid organisation that supervises and checks every stage during creation of its products: research and development, selection and purchase of raw materials, production, packaging, logistics and distribution.


Zeta Farmaceutici Group firmly believes in quality as a lever for continual improvement of products and corporate organisation. Its integrated quality system has obtained 5 certificates and is applied to all three of the Group’s companies.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Certification,

  • 14001 Environmental Certification,

  • OHSAS 18001 Worker Health and Safety Certification.

  • ISO 22000 Certification refers to the food safety management system and is the international standard for the production of dietary supplements.

  • ISO 22716 Certification attests to the fact that our cosmetics are produced in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), therefore in compliance with pharmaceutical standards.



History, future

Zeta Farmaceutici

1947. Zeta Farmaceutici was founded in Vicenza in the laboratory of a pharmacy. A small artisan business making galenic preparations that gradually grew.

1975. Zeta Farmaceutici became an industrial company. Towards the end of the seventies the first sun products were produced.

1982. The birth of Zeta Farmaceutici S.p.A. A passage that marked further development in research of innovative products like face creams or the natural personal hygiene lines.

1988. With creation of the EuPhidra brand, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical divisions were separated with a view to developing and diversifying the range of cosmetics. This quickly led EuPhidra to become a leading brand in pharmacies.

1991. EuPhidra inaugurated its line of hair colorants. A revolution that coloured the world of pharmacies for the first time. Over time, a complete hair programme was to be developed, including shampoo, conditioner and treatments.

1997. The new cleansing line proved to be very popular due to excellent results combined with extremely gentle action on sensitive skins.

1999. The birth of EuPhidra make-up. Great performance backed by high quality and safety. An immediate success. And market leadership that was to strengthen over the years.

2000. Launch of Amido Mio, the line made from rice starch for the most sensitive and delicate skins. Another successful debut and new development for the pharmaceutical market.

Marco Viti Farmaceutici

1933.Marco Viti is set up as a company working in the installation of asphalt and fat and oil processing.

1942. The company changes business sector and starts to produce lanolin and vaseline. 

1954. A change of name and the company becomes “Industria chimico-farmaceutica Marco Viti”, for the “manufacture of galenic preparations”.

1961. The research department expands with the new laboratories in Via Riccione in Milan.

1962. Production is extended to include not only galenic preparations, but also medicinal specialities.

1976. Marco Viti becomes a limited company. The scope of its business expands further. It researches, develops and produces medicinal specialities, hygiene products, sanitary products, cosmetics, OTC medicines and medical-surgical devices.

1987. Start of construction of the new headquarters in Mozzate (CO). In 1990 this factory obtained approval to start production as a Pharmaceutical Industry.

1990. Marco Viti is bought by Carlo Erba OTC. 

2001. It becomes part of Zeta Farmaceutici Group.

Idea Natura

1995. Zeta Farmaceutici continued to grow in different directions, staying ahead of important market trends. Idea Nature was created, a pharmaceutical business specialising in research and production of dietary supplements, especially probiotics.


Zeta Farmaceutici took over Marco Viti Farmaceutici, a historic pharmaceutical
company in Lombardy. This led to the formation of the Zeta Farmaceutici Group.


Zeta Farmaceutici Group has established itself as one of the liveliest medium-sized Italian pharmaceutical companies.
One of the few that is still a manufacturer. And now it looks to the future exploring new horizons on the international market. 

Values, commitments

Our organisation and each of our collaborators are guided by values that commit us to implementing best practices
for our clients’ satisfaction, every single day.


Really listening to our clients. Properly understanding their needs. Taking on each and every one of their problems.
Availability and flexibility are the bases for concrete construction of all our tailored projects.


What we have with our clients is an encounter between two different organisations and realities, with a shared goal.
Facilitating this encounter through sharing of experiences and ideas enables us to obtain the best results.


There are no standard solutions, only a new project each time, resulting from an ability to imagine
and create more efficient and effective production processes.


Every day brings us a new challenge for self-improvement. For building excellence.
For using the most innovative technical and scientific solutions to increase product value.

Welcome to our production units