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Zeta Farmaceutici: the best choice

Maximum respect for your needs, your marketing goals, your timeframes and costs. The choice of our services depends on you. But it’s up to us to understand exactly what you need. To identify, with you, problems and solutions. To deliver truly bespoke consultancy. You can choose the Zeta Farmaceutici global service: we follow your product from the research and formulation stage through to packaging and distribution. Or entrust us with a specific service. In any case, you can be sure to receive the quality and results that only a pharmaceutical group with great experience can guarantee. This is what customisation means for us. 


Product development

In an increasingly more competitive global context, the only way to win is to interpret market dynamics and consumer requests in the most innovative way. Our experience in pharmaceutical and the market are your best guarantee for success. Research and formulation combine the most up-to-date knowhow in the scientific field and in marketing sector. To create products that guarantee efficacy, safety and quality. And which satisfy consumer needs in terms of ease of use, feel-good factor and aesthetic, ethic and environmental values. 

Analytical development 

A team of collaborators with a consolidated wealth of experience and professionalism.
The best equipment and the most evolved technologies. A laboratory structured to analyse any kind of product. Analysis methodologies that meet the most specific requirements and allow for maximum development speed. To give you safe results and respect your production deadlines. 


Packaging development

We select the best suppliers from all over Europe. We have in-depth, updated knowledge of every solution, problem and news in the sector. We evaluate and source the most suitable packaging for your product and your marketing and industrial needs. To give you the most practical solution the best enhances your product. To enable you to save time and resources. For better cost management. 


We continually invest in innovation and education of human resources. We perfect industrial processes and organisation. All this to give you the highest quality and widest choice in terms of technologies and forms of production. With all the reliability and safety of a system with Quality Certification that strictly complies with GMP.

Documents and regulatory

A team of highly competent professionals constantly updated with legislative requirements. 
National and international experience. To prepare correct, accurate, prompt dossiers for you that fully comply with your timeframes. 

Graphic design

Further support for your organisation, to offer you a complete service. We develop the graphics for packs and containers according to the most modern, effective criteria regarding marketing for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. 

Packaging and distribution

An evolved technological and logistics structure that guarantees maximum accuracy and speed for the packaging, storage and transport of your products. Our transport services are guaranteed to comply with “good distribution practices” which ensure respect for the procedures required to maintain product quality unaltered. 


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