The first certification of vitality for probiotics

Probiotics that stay alive until the product expiry date. 
CSQA certification for Zeta Farmaceutici Prolife dietary supplements

Dietary supplements with probiotics are a constantly growing market and, in Italy, one of great importance. There are, therefore, an increasing number of companies attempting to gain a share in this ever more competitive sector. Consumers consequently find themselves with a very wide selection but do not always have at their disposal the means for checking the quality of the various products on offer. Zeta Farmaceutici Group has always been very attentive to both quality and consumer needs and, backed by its experience in this field, it has produced the first supplements with certification of probiotic vitality

This certification responds to an essential requisite for the market of probiotic dietary supplements. The fundamental, defining characteristics of probiotics are, in fact, their long-term vitality and stability. Pursuant to European legislation and the Italian laws that implement it, to be classed as probiotics these products must not only be alive, but they must maintain this vitality until the expiry day of the product that contains them.

It is obvious that respect for these characteristics offers consumers a determining element for evaluation of the quality of the product they are buying. For this reason, Zeta Farmaceutici Group has, for the first time, put in place certification that ensures the long-term vitality and stability of the probiotics in its Prolife dietary supplements. 

The certifying body is CSQA, a leading Italian company in the certification sector for 25 years. The dietary supplements with certificates are Prolife 10 forte, Prolife Lactobacilli, Prolife pediatrico and Prolife 10 forte in capsules. CSQA has checked that the following requisites are met, using measuring criteria even more stringent than those required by the Ministry of Health’s Guidelines on probiotics and prebiotics.

1. when the product is packaged, each does must contain at least 1 billion probiotics for at least one of the strains used; 

2. on its expiry date, the product must contain at least 1 billion probiotics for at least one of the strains used;

3. until the expiry date, the product must contain the minimum number of probiotics as given on the label, for each of the strains used. 



Certification for probiotic vitality confirms just how cutting-edge the organisation and technologies of Zeta Farmaceutici Group are. The procedure fine-tuned by a research and production management shows not only the validity of a production process but also the quality of a company system that is willing to be tested by the most sophisticated monitoring and control systems.

An effervescent new entry



Zeta Farmaceutici Group further expands its range. With effervescent Vitamin C tablets, it adds a new form and a new pharmaceutical technology to its line of dietary supplements.
Zeta Farmaceutici Group has already consolidated its experience in the most
innovative solutions for saline supplements, tonics, vitamins and probiotics.
A wide range of forms and technologies that allows us to create the product
that best meets the strategies of our clients. 

Lenil gets full marks at school

Lenil Sollievo is the favourite soothing cream of the "P. Artusi" hotel and catering school in Recoaro Terme (Vicenza). It has been chosen by teachers and aspiring chefs at the school as the first aid cream to use in the event of burns. During practical lessons, using a hot stove can bring with it the risk of minor surface burns. After having tried various different products, in the end they chose Lenil Sollievo, which proved effective in bringing rapid relief, moisturising and reducing reddening. Its special formula with Phytosterols and Panthenol also make Lenil Sollievo ideal for irritation, itching and reddening. 

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